2010 May 28: Canada, British Columbia, Comox Valley: All burning should be banned

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By Alice Hughes, Comox Valley Echo
A letter to Comox mayor and council:
Re: Burning yard waste within the Town of Comox
We live on the border of the City of Courtenay and the Regional District. Several nights a week for the entire winter months when the burning of “yard waste” on any property in the RD is permitted, the windows of our home are shut tight from supper time until well after midnight.
A lot more than twigs and leaves were burning. The toxicity was high and the odour unbearable as smoldering garbage, old wood, and even mattresses were going up in flames.
I called the Courtenay Fire Department and was told that with a one-time permit from November 1 to May 15, fires are allowed. Excluding the non-yard waste component, even the World Health Organization does not support this type of burning.
The Department…

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Marguerite Nicole Telesford

Missing and presumed murdered, a 21 year old University student in Victoria, BC went for a morning jog on January 18, 1987 and never returned.  In the days to come I will start this story and try to begin the process of disseminating information with the ultimate hope that someone who visits this site will be able to contribute a clue as to where she is.  A man was sent to prison in 1989 who has never been able, either under hypnosis or in counselling, to remember the event nor give any information as to where her body is.  Could it be that he is not the one who took her life but if he did, how long will it be before he chooses to reveal her last resting place.